Quit Smoking for good with Nicorette on World No Tobacco Day.

31st May 2021

Quit Smoking for good with Nicorette this No Smoking Day

Quit Smoking for good with Nicorette on World No Tobacco Day.

May 31st 2021 is World No Tobacco Day.

It’s the perfect opportunity to begin a quit attempt.

We’ve put together ten helpful tips so that you can prepare.

And if you’d like more information or more advice sign up to the Nicorette Stop Smoking support plan here.

Ten tips to prepare for World No Tobacco Day

Tip 1: Let us help you make a quit plan

Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but by having a plan in place you are less likely to face challenges during your quit journey. Download the Nicorette My Quit Plan .

Tip 2: Remember why you’re quitting

Remind yourself on a daily basis why you want to quit. Don’t give up, keep going!

Tip 3: Treat yourself with the money you can save

Let us help you calculate your savings so that you can treat yourself.

Tip 4: Find a quit buddy

Quitting’s easier with a friend, if you need a quit buddy let us help you find where to look here .

Tip 5: Know your triggers to help beat your cravings

We’ll help you identify your triggers and conquer those cravings!

Tip 6: Stay busy. Stay on track

Cravings normally last 5-10 minutes. Make a list of things to keep yourself busy to distract yourself.

Tip 7: Get Active

Exercise is a great way to deal with the stress of quitting. Your lung capacity increases after you’ve quit, which will allow you to do more.

Tip 8: Lean on your loved ones for support

Tell your friends and family that you have quit and use them for support.

Tip 9: Remember the benefits of quitting

Think of all the health benefits that come with being smoke free.

Tip 10: Try Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

We can help you tackle these withdrawal symptoms so you can keep moving forward. Allow us to help you find the right products for you.

How Nicorette helps quitters every day of the year

The World Health Organisation has acknowledged that with Nicotine Replacement Therapy, like Nicorette, you’re clinically proven to be more likely to quit smoking for good vs willpower alone.

And we aim to give you all the help you need. Whoever you are. Wherever you are.

For instance, COVID has meant that smokers all over the world want to quit smoking and start leading healthier lives.

So we’ve donated more than £600,000 worth of product to quitters in Jordan.

People who wouldn’t otherwise have had access to Nicorette.

Our products help quitters do something incredible.

We’re trying to do something incredible too.



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