• First Week Challenge

    We believe that quitting is one of the most incredible things you can ever do but we know that it can be difficult, particularly in the first week.

    That’s why we are here to help! Take the Nicorette First Week Challenge and start your smoke-free life now.

    Why is the first week so important?

    Because you’re 9x more likely to quit for good when you make it through the first week*

    And that’s incredible.

    Watch this video to learn more about the First Week Challenge









    *versus those not abstinent at week 1 as part of an abrupt quitting attempt.

    Stop smoking motivation to help you through the day

    1) Be Inspired

    We know that quitting smoking is tough, but it’s one of the most incredible things you can ever do. So we decided to support two amazing quitters as they pack in the cigarettes for good. Follow their journey here

    2) Choose the right product for you

    We know it can be difficult to cope with nicotine cravings. NICORETTE® offers the widest range of options to support you on your quit journey, so take a look at our products today.

    3) Use the money you save on cigarettes to buy yourself a treat

    Aside from the obvious health issues, smoking can be an expensive habit. For some people, this can be a real motivation to quit. Use our budget calculator to work out just how much you spend on smoking and how much money you could save.

    4) Get the Nicorette App and be ahead your nicotine cravings

    We also know how important it is to get help and advice whenever you need it. That’s why we’ve developed a free NICORETTE® iPhone app, a stop smoking support programme for your iPhone. Download today!

    5) Get ready with our stop smoking tips

    Quitting smoking is hard, but it can be easier if you’re prepared. Read the stop smoking tips, find a person to support you, make a date, keep busy and think positively!

    6) Start an incredible journey

    At Nicorette we’re always on the lookout for incredible quit stories. This is the story of Daan Verhoeven who finally quit smoking and has never looked back, surprising even himself with what is now possible. Discover here