• Reduce to Quit

    Reduce to Quit

    Whether you decide to quit overnight or reduce how much you smoke slowly over time, so long as it works for you, you’re onto a winner. Here are the pros and cons of both methods…
    Stopping Completely

    • Quitting smoking completely means you’ll feel the health benefits of quitting smoking more quickly.


    • Stopping completely will test your willpower to the max, and it’s perfectly normal for this to make you irritable and frustrated for a while.

    Gradual cutback

    • Cutting down means you’ll still be smoking some cigarettes but gives you the flexibility to reduce your habit bit by bit.

    • If quitting smoking feels like an impossible task, cutting down gradually may help you realize that you are not powerless – and you can in fact take positive steps to stop smoking.


    • Slowly reducing the amount of cigarettes you smoke can be a good way to quit, as long as you actually do end up quitting.

    • Cutting down slowly means you’ll still be damaging your health and puffing away your income until you quit for good.

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