• Stop Smoking Tips

    Stop Smoking Tips

    Top Tips for Quitting

    1) Quit with a friend
    Stopping smoking is contagious! If you quit with a friend you can keep each other motivated and you’ll know you’re not in it alone.

    2) Use the money you save on cigarettes to buy yourself a treat
    Consider how much money you could save on not buying cigarettes and motivate yourself by planning what you could spend it on.

    3) Surround yourself with support
    People understand quitting is a real challenge and requires bag-loads of willpower, therefore most will be supportive of your decision. Surround yourself with their positive words of encouragement!

    4) Break the routine with a change of scene
    If you have friends you used to light-up with, it can be tricky knowing how to stop smoking without having to stop seeing them. How about suggesting a change of scene, one which doesn’t revolve around cigarettes?

    5) Keep busy
    Keep busy whenever you feel the urge to smoke by keeping active. Spending more time with non-smoking friends will help you to avoid the temptation of social smoking.

    6) Exercise will help you relax, so get outdoors
    Doing something active could work wonders for helping take your mind off withdrawal symptoms while you quit.

    7) Identify your craving triggers
    Drinking alcohol is one of the most common craving triggers, so try drink less when you first give up. Make a list of five minute strategies of things to do when a craving hits.

    8) Try Nicotine Replacement Therapy
    NICORETTE® offer a range of NRT products which can help tackle cigarette cravings and help you on your quit attempt.

    9) Make a date
    Choosing a date and sticking to it can help with your mental preparation for quitting.

    10) Think positively
    If you feel tempted, think about anything except lighting a cigarette – a nice day out, a meal or a pleasant memory. The less you think about smoking the easier it will be to stay smoke free.

    Find out what support NICORETTE® can offer you whilst you quit