Nicorette Pledge.

Welcome to the Nicorette Pledge

Join thousands of other quitters in the UK with your Pledge to quit smoking. By pledging you will access a 12 Week Quit Smoking Support Plan, unlock a 10% discount on selected Nicorette products and be able to access a personalised quit smoking plan.

What are the benefits of the Nicorette Pledge?

How to get started

Head to the Nicorette Pledge page on Amazon where you are able to choose a date to start your pledge to quit smoking. You will find more information all about how to get started there.

Once you pledge you will receive a 10% discount on selected Nicorette products* along with 12 weeks of email support allowing you to create your own quit smoking plan.

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is the most commonly used quit smoking medication. NRT reduces withdrawal feelings by giving you a small controlled amount of nicotine, whilst containing none of the other dangerous chemicals found in cigarettes, providing a safer alternative to smoking. Nicorette is the UK’s preferred quitting partner*

*based on sales data for verification please contact 08082389999

The 12 week support plan is one of the benefits of signing up to the Nicorette Pledge. You will receive a support plan for 12 weeks consisting of emails, to assist you on your quit smoking journey. Providing advice, motivation and celebrating the achievement of key milestones.

Joining the pledge to quit smoking is free! By signing up you will be sent a 10% discount on selected products* along with a 12 week support plan and a tailored quit plan - there to support you on your quit journey.

UK (excl. NI) 18+. Pledge for a 10% discount code, valid on selected Nicorette® products on only, until 31.12.21. 1 order only. Subject to availability. T&Cs: