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How to get started with Nicorette QuickMist SmartTrack

Download the Nicorette® Stop Smoking App

Introducing Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™

Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ is the world’s 1st connected stop smoking spray*. Designed with smokers for smokers, it’s been developed alongside behavioural scientists to help increase your likelihood of quitting smoking versus NRT alone . Its unique use of connective technology helps you meet your personal goals on your journey to quitting.

Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to link to our stop smoking app. Spray directly into the mouth when cravings hit, and it can start to relieve them in 30 seconds. Then tap Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ against the back of your device to accurately track your usage and progress against a tailored plan – to help you stop smoking for good. iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and X users will need to open the app to record a spray. Press '+' and select 'Quickmist SmartTrack'. Tap and hold your phone against the NFC chip on the mouthspray label after every spray.

Supporting you on your personal journey

All smokers have different habits, which is why Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ lets you set customised goals based on your own behaviours, along with offering helpful tips and support on how to stop smoking.

Tap and track your NRT intake against a personalised plan, including any smoke-free days and the money you save along the way. A plan as individual as you helps boost your chances of ditching nicotine for good.

With Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ you are 2.5x more likely to quit smoking for good**.

The connection to a personalised quit smoking app designed using evidence-based behaviour change techniques (BCTs) enhances your chances of quitting compared to Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) alone. Get started with Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ today.


Build a personal plan and begin your journey to quitting. Once you’ve purchased your Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack, it’s time to open up the box, download the Nicorette® Stop Smoking app and take your first steps on the road to stopping for good.

The Nicorette® Stop Smoking app is a free download from both Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for Apple iPhones. Download from:

Download the Nicorette® Stop Smoking App

Whether you’re an Apple or Android user, the stop smoking app uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to connect with your Nicorette® QuickMist Mouthspray. It’s the same technology that powers contactless card and Apple Pay transactions – a simple tap on the back of your phone and you’re good to go, with no configuration necessary.

Before using Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack, check your phone has the right compatibility. For an iPhone you need at least:

  • iPhone 7

  • iOS 11 or above

How to Tap & Track Your Usage for iPhone x and below

If you’re using an Android device, make sure it supports NFC and that you have this enabled. If you’re using the app with a tablet or other device, make sure it can support NFC and that it’s enabled within your settings. You can usually do this by going into Connections or Connection Preferences.

For information around how your data is used when downloading the app, read our privacy policy or review the details within the app.

The Nicorette® Stop Smoking app is designed for use with Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ Mouthspray, but you can track usage of other Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products. However, the app does not track or recommend the use of e-cigarettes.

To record other NRT product usage within the quit smoking app you will need to do so manually – as Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ is the first and only connected stop smoking product. You can also download and use the app without any kind of NRT to support your journey, as it includes tips and advice to assist those gradually or abruptly stopping smoking.

When you’ve downloaded the Nicorette® Stop Smoking app to your phone, the first thing you need to do is set up your profile. Follow the instructions when you first open the app to create this and build your personal quit plan.

This will be based on your individual goals, how much you currently smoke and your progress to date if you’ve already started to reduce your nicotine intake.

From this information, the app will create a personalised plan. You will then be able to track progress against your goals from the app’s dashboard.

There are 4 levels to stop smoking with the Nicorette® Stop Smoking app:

  • Prepare to quit – Mentally start on your journey to stop smoking.

  • Cut cigarette usage – Reduce how many cigarettes you smoke over a set period of time.

  • Stay smoke-free – Replace cigarettes with NRT and receive support through this stage.

  • Reduce NRT – Focus on reducing your NRT usage to become completely nicotine and smoke-free.

Each level has a number of goals within it. To unlock and move onto the next level you need to complete all of these goals – although you can start on level 3 if you’re already smoke-free. It’s also possible to re-attempt previous goals once completed if you wish.

Find out more about how to set and track goals using Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™.

Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ Mouthspray is available in fresh mint flavour and starts to reduce nicotine cravings within 30 seconds. To open the spray:

  • Press down the black button on the back.

  • While holding it down, slide upwards until the top of the dispenser locks into place.

  • The dispenser is now open and ready to spray.

If it’s a new dispenser or it hasn’t been used for 2 days, press firmly into a tissue and check the pump. Make sure a fine mist appears. Each dispenser contains at least 150 sprays, so if no mist appears from a previously used dispenser, you may need to purchase a new one.

To use the spray:

  • Bring the dispenser up to your mouth.

  • Press it firmly to spray into your mouth – avoiding your lips and throat.

  • Wait a few seconds before swallowing – do not inhale the spray.

  • After a few minutes, you can use the spray again if your cravings are not relieved from the first spray. Do not exceed 2 sprays per dose, or 4 sprays per hour.

To close the dispenser:

  • Press the button down until you can push it slightly inwards.

  • Slide down to lock while pushing it in.

  • Store the dispenser in a safe place.

When cravings hit and you use your Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ Mouthspray, it’s important that you tap and track every use to accurately keep a record of your progress. Simply spray then tap the dispenser on the back of your phone and it will record the usage.

This is done through NFC technology – a form of wireless communication that enables devices nearby to connect with the app without an internet connection. You can tap and track quickly anywhere in the world with no worries about connecting to Wi-Fi or 4G.

It means that even if you don’t have a phone signal when those cravings hit, you can still tap and track with ease.

Learn more about the technology behind Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™

The Nicorette® Stop Smoking app can track your:

  • NRT and cigarette usage

  • Money saved

  • Smoke-free time

To make sure every Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ Mouthspray use is recorded for accurate tracking as you work towards your goals, you need to tap it in the right place and have the correct setup for your phone. Whatever model you use, your phone must be unlocked to track a tap.

On Android phones you can tap anywhere on the back to track a usage. With Apple iPhones, you should tap near the top. For certain models you need to have the app open to record a spray, these are:

  • iPhone 7

  • iPhone 7 Plus

  • iPhone 8

  • iPhone 8 Plus

  • iPhone X

When you tap, a window will open asking if you want to track a usage. Click ‘Yes’ or, if you’ve tapped by mistake, press ‘Cancel’. Each tap tracks one spray, so if your cravings remain and you have two sprays in the same session, tap twice.

You can also manually record a spray by clicking the ‘+’ icon on the navigation bar if you forget to tap.

Start your journey to quitting with NICORETTE® QuickMist SmartTrack™

Stopping smoking is never easy, but using Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ and the Nicorette® Stop Smoking app make it a lot simpler by:

  • Breaking down the process into small steps

  • Providing accurate information about your smoking habits

  • Helping you to visualise your progress and goals – driving you to succeed

Reduce your cravings day-by-day and see the impact it’s having through the quit smoking app. Just a few clicks and taps can start to transform your life as a smoker.

Order your Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ and start your journey to being smoke-free today.


Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ and the Nicorette® Stop Smoking app combine to help you on your journey to becoming smoke-free. Together they offer various benefits to begin cutting down:

  • Easily tap and track your NRT usage wherever you are

  • Set personalised goals and review your progress

  • Receive helpful tips on how to stop smoking

  • Track your smoke-free days

  • See how much you save by reducing and quitting smoking

Discover the full range of benefits of using Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™.

Nicorette QuickMist SmartTrack contains nicotine. Stop smoking aid. Requires willpower. Always read the label

*By technology to an app

**Vs willpower alone