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How Nicorette QuickMist SmartTrack works

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Introducing Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™

Giving up smoking can be one of life’s toughest challenges – and sometimes it takes more than willpower alone to achieve your goal.

Seeing how much money you’ve saved from not buying cigarettes or tracking your smoke-free days as simply as paying for a coffee with a tap of your smartphone, can help keep you motivated to stop for good.

Introducing Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ – the world’s 1st Connected Stop Smoking Spray*. It works by combining Nicorette’s Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) mouthspray with an app that tracks your progress against a tailored quit plan.

Designed with smokers, for smokers, you‘re 2.5x more likely to quit smoking for good with Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™**

Some of the key benefits of Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ include:

  • The ability to set your own personalised goals

  • It allows you to work to your own tailored quit plan

  • You can track your progress through 4 levels

  • Helpful stop smoking tips to help keep you motivated

  • Track the days you stay smoke-free

  • See the cash you‘re saving by not smoking

Find out more about the benefits of Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™.

One of the key differences between Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ and other sprays is that it’s connected to an app to help you quit smoking – the Nicorette® Stop Smoking app.

The world’s 1st connected* craving relief spray

Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ is the 1st stop smoking product connected to a behavioural support app – designed to improve your chances of quitting**.

Developed with behavioural scientists, it uses evidence-based behaviour change techniques (BCTs) to help you quit

It can help you to quit smoking with a plan as individual as you. Work towards your target by setting small, achievable goals and completing each of the 4 levels in the Nicorette® Stop Smoking app.

Every time you use the mouthspray, you can log your progress against those goals in the app – available to download for free on iPhone and Android devices.

Find out more about how to get started with QuickMist SmartTrack™.

Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ is easy to use. The mouthspray works like a regular Nicorette® QuickMist spray and gets to work on cravings in 30 seconds. Each dispenser contains approximately 150 sprays.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Use your thumb to slide down the button until it can be pushed lightly inwards. Do not push too hard.

  1. While pushing in, slide upwards to unlock the top of the dispenser. Then release the button.

  1. Check the pump by pressing firmly into a tissue until a fine mist appears

  1. Bring the dispenser up to your mouth

  1. Press the top of the dispenser firmly to release one spray into your mouth

  1. Avoid spraying on your lips and inside your throat

  1. Don’t swallow or inhale – it shouldn’t spray into your throat

  1. If cravings are not relieved in a few minutes, use the spray again

Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ is designed to relieve your cravings, and its unique.connectivity to the Nicorette® Stop Smoking app means you can track your journey to quitting every step of the way.

Simply tap your Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ dispenser against your smartphone after each spray to log and track your usage in the Nicorette® Stop Smoking app.

Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ harnesses Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to record each spray – the same contactless technology you use to pay for your coffee with a tap of your bank card.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Spray: When cigarette cravings hit, spray directly into your mouth

  1. Tap: Tap the back of your mouthspray on the back of your smartphone

  1. Track: Set your goals and track your progress against them with top tips

Whatever the challenge you set yourself, splitting it into smaller, more manageable objectives is a great way to set about achieving your ultimate goal.

We believe it’s the same for quitting smoking. It’s why we’ve built different levels into our app to give you a structure to follow, helping you to break down your quit journey into achievable parts.

The 4 levels are:

  1. Prepare to Quit: Track your usage for 7 days and commit to your quit smoking journey

  1. Reduce Cigarettes: Aim to gradually smoke fewer cigarettes each day to become smoke-free

  1. Stay smoke-free: Work towards the goal of achieving 28 days smoke-free

  1. Reduce NRT: Try to maintain your smoke-free lifestyle beyond 28 days and gradually reduce your NRT usage

Each of the 4 levels in the quit smoking app gives you different goals to complete. Once you’ve achieved all the goals for that level, you unlock the next. This should help to keep you motivated, knowing how close you are to hitting a goal and completing a level.

Things don’t always go to plan. Don’t worry – should you need to, you can give yourself more time to complete a goal, or even restart a goal entirely using the app. Find out more about setting and tracking goals with Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™.

The Nicorette® Stop Smoking app dashboard is where the visual story of your quit journey comes to life. Here you can view and track your progress with the aid of colourful infographics, set new goals and build your personalised quit plan.

The dashboard is where you’ll be able to access detailed information on your progress, including:

  • Usage: Track the number of cigarettes you’ve smoked and the amount of NRT used

  • Timelines: See your usage by day, week or month with an easy slider tab

  • Streaks: View how many smoke-free days you’ve racked up in total

  • Savings: See how much money you have saved by not buying cigarettes

The app is simple to navigate. Use the nav bar at the bottom of the screen to switch between the various features:

  • Dashboard: This is your main home-screen to view and track progress

  • Active Goals: See the goals you’re currently working towards

  • Manual: Manually track cigarettes smoked and NRT usage

  • Lightbulb: Get motivational tips and support to help you quit

Start your journey to quitting with Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™

Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ supports you every step of the way with a personalised quit journey that tracks your progress with a simple tap.

Developed with behavioural scientists, the additional support offered by the world’s 1st connected* craving relief spray means you’re more likely to quit*.

Work to your own personalised plan and track your progress over days, weeks and months. Tick off goals as you work through the 4 levels with the ultimate aim of becoming smoke-free for 28 days and beyond. Track your smoke-free streaks and see how much cash you are saving in the process by not smoking.

Here you can purchase Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack and begin your journey to a smoke-free future today.

Nicorette QuickMist SmartTrack Mouthspray contains nicotine. Stop Smoking Aid. Requires willpower. Always read the label.

*by technology to an app

**Vs Nicotine Replacement Therapy alone