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Maximum dosage: 6 cartridges per a day

Each cartridge will provide you with about 40 minutes of intense use.

Every quitter’s journey is different. You may find you use an NRT product for less time or more time than some of our quitters or a different amount, but don’t worry we are here to support you. Please use the quitter’s stories to help guide you when you build your own unique Quit Plan, and review your plan once you have started to see if you need to change it.

QA Text: 
QA Question: 
Faye Tobias – smoked 8 to 10 cigarettes a day

Number of cigarettes smoked a day 8-10

Last cigarette May 2017

Previously tried to quit with:This is my 1st attempt

My Plan:

Over the 4 weeks it took me to quit I brought a pack of inhalers with four cartridges each week. I also brought 1 pack of 80 Lozenges.

Why I chose the inhalator: Because ofthe hand to mouth action like a cigarette.

It was quite stressful at times but, I stuck to my plan and would keep strong. Willpower is a must!! 

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QA Question: 
Mohammed Suleman – smoked 10 to 15 cigarettes a day

Number of cigarettes smoked a day 10-15

Last cigarette May 2017

Previously tried to quit with: Nicotine patches & gum and going cold turkey

My Plan:

At the start, I was using it 10- 15 times a day taking 15-20 puffs. This was phased down on regular basis so every 2-3 days I would go down the number of times I used the inhaler, by the end of the 1st month I was using it between 6-9 times a day.


 By the end of the second month I was using it 3-5 times a day


The last month I had come down to using it twice a day.


 In the last few weeks I used it twice a day and then once a day.


Over the last week I used it once every 2 days reducing the number of puffs each time until I finally gave up.


Why I chose the inhalator: I used to have the urge to hold something and put in my mouth – when using the inhaler I still felt I was smoking so it seemed easier

I used to smoke when out with friends etc…so it was learning to socialise without cigs that was a difficult aspect when quitting. It was also telling colleagues ‘no I am not coming out for a lunchtime cig.’ I had to change my routine so I was not doing the things which would lead me to smoke.

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