What To Do if You Have a Cigarette

We know that quitting is far from easy, but we're often reminded it's one of the most amazing things you can ever do...

Understand That Quitting Smoking Is a Learning Process

Keep in mind that quitting smoking is like learning to ride a bicycle. You may fall off but the important thing is getting back up again. That's how we learn, and the same logic applies to quitting smoking.

Try to Understand What Made You Slip up and Plan What to Do Differently

A big part of quitting smoking is figuring out what makes you want to smoke. By figuring out the trigger, you can then learn how to avoid it next time. We have compiled some tips for you to help you avoid the cravings.

Remind Yourself of Your Goals

Think of the good things that have happened since you quit smoking and remind yourself of why you quit smoking in the first place. Better still, write these down and stick them up somewhere to remind yourself! Remember, you are doing something truly incredible!

Talk to Someone in Your Support Network

Rely on support as you get back on track, and share your feelings. As well, talking may help you better understand why you slipped up and how to avoid doing it in the future.

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