• Coping With Being Around Smokers

    Coping With Being Around Smokers

    When you quit smoking, avoiding old habits is a challenge – especially when it comes to being around people you used to smoke with. These tips will help you kick the habit - without losing touch with all of your friends in the process
    Change of scene

    If you have friends you used to light-up with, it can be tricky knowing how to stop smoking without having to stop seeing them. Quitting needn’t mean you miss out on socialising. How about suggesting a change of scene, one which doesn’t revolve around cigarettes?

    Be prepared

    Avoiding certain places and scenarios for a while when you quit is understandable. But some invitations you simply won’t want to refuse, and you don’t have to. Having a suitable nicotine replacement product to hand can help to ensure you don’t give in to temptation if the urge to light up gets too strong.

    Surround yourself with support

    People understand quitting is a challenge and requires bag-loads of willpower, therefore most will be supportive of your decision to quit so surround yourself with their positive words of encouragement!

    Motivation top-ups

    A number one rule for stopping smoking is to focus on the positives. Think of all the money you’ll save from no longer buying cigarettes, how much your health and skin will improve, and how much happier your loved ones will be when you’ve kicked the habit. Keep reminding yourself of these positives.

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