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Success Stories

We’re here to help you break-free and quit smoking by giving you the information and inspiration you need. Use those quitting stories to motivate you on your quitting journey. Think of them as tools to help you do something incredible – stop smoking for good.

Edward’s quitting story

“My sense of smell and taste have vastly improved and my fitness stamina has improved tenfold. I get told my complexion is better and my teeth are much whiter from not smoking.”

Victoria’s quitting story

“I started to think about what I wanted in my life and smoking wasn’t one of them.”

Sarah’s quitting story

“I now run three times a week and am doing my first 5k this year for a cancer charity, which is something I wouldn’t have been able to do last year when I was smoking.”

Kavon’s quitting story

“Now that I’ve quit, I can run and do all the things I did before without getting out of breath.”