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Victoria’s Quitting Story | NICORETTE®

Victoria, 31, Bromley

I started smoking when I was 14, and I’m now 31 and smoke free. I originally used smoking as a stress relief, however as time went on I realised smoking was making me feel more stressed as I began to see how much damage the cigarettes were doing to my body.

I decided to quit smoking after going to my best friend’s wedding last year. I started to think about what I wanted in my life and smoking wasn’t one of them.

I decided to use Nicorette Icy White Gum to quit as I already chewed gum as I was conscious of my breath smelling of cigarettes when I smoked.

Since quitting smoking I’ve taken up yoga and Pilates, and box twice a week. Now that I’ve stopped smoking I can breathe better and can train for longer. I no longer feel so tired and smell of smoke. My teeth are whiter and I no longer get break outs on my face. I’ve also inspired my boyfriend and sister to give up smoking too. It feels good not to be addicted to something any more.