• Pregnancy and Smoking

    Pregnancy and Smoking


    Some of the effects smoking could have on your baby include:

    • Poisonous chemicals in cigarette smoke pass through you to your baby.

    • Cigarette smoke disrupts the amount of oxygen that reaches your baby.

    • Increased risk of congenital defects such as cleft lip or limb deficiencies.

    The great news is that stopping smoking at any stage of pregnancy is beneficial. The moment you quit you start increasing your chances of a healthier pregnancy and a healthier baby. The positive effects of quitting smoking kick in just 20 minutes after your last cigarette.

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    Pregnancy and Using NRT

    Ideally smoking cessation during pregnancy should be achieved without using NRT. If you/the mother cannot quit without pharmalogical support, NRT maybe used as the risk to the fetus is lower than that expected with smoking tobacco. Stopping completely is by far the best option but if this is not achievable, Nicorette may be used in preganacy as a safer alternative to smoking. Please seek advice from your doctor or healthcare professional.

    Breastfeeding and Using NRT

    Firstly, you should try to give up smoking without NRT. Secondly, if you cannot manage this, you are best to use NRT products that are taken intermittently (not patches). However, you should talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist for advice.

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