• Stop Smoking and Stress

    Stop Smoking and Stress

    By making the decision to quit smoking, you’re not only going to experience the physical benefits. Being smoke-free helps relieve stress, anxiety and depression and gives you a more positive outlook on life.

    Tips to make Quitting less stressful

    1. Learn to recognise signs of stress.

    The sooner you deal with stress, the less likely it will be to interfere with your efforts to quit. Some symptoms of stress include feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, and sleeplessness. As soon as you feel yourself under stress, act fast.

    2. Do things you enjoy doing.

    One of the simplest ways to ease stress is to distract yourself with activities that you enjoy doing.

    3. Get moving.

    Many studies show that physical activity can help ease stress and anxiety. Almost any kind of activity helps.

    4. Call on a friend.

    Being with other people helps relieve stress. Before you quit, make a list of the people you can turn to for support and a friendly conversation. Let them know when you’re having a bad day or beginning to feel stressed – they’re there to help you.

    5. Be patient.

    It’s easy to be overwhelmed during the first few days of quitting. But remind yourself daily that every time you resist lighting up, you’re one step closer to a smoke-free life and all of the benefits that go with it.

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