• Stop Smoking and Weight Control

    Stop Smoking and Weight Control

    Many people worry about gaining weight when they stop smoking. Understanding the changes to your body and how NICORETTE® can help you, may help you control your weight whilst quitting.

    It’s not unusual to put on a little weight when you first give up smoking. Nicotine can increase your metabolic rate and suppress your normal appetite, so smoking may make you feel less hungry. However, if you are using nicotine replacement therapy to stop smoking, this could help you to control your weight. When used correctly, the nicotine contained in our products helps you to control the drop in metabolic rate you may experience.

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    You can also minimise weight gain by following a few simple tips:

    • Eat healthy snacks like fruit, vegetables and sugar-free sweets instead of fattening snacks

    • Include more exercise in your daily routine

    • Limit your alcohol intake

    • Enjoy healthier meals