Quitting smoking is hard, but the Nicorette Stop Smoking app is here to help you achieve your goal. Download the app to get advice and a variety of support tools direct to your phone, so you can access them when and where you need them.

Nicorette Quit +

Our supportive 3 month product & coaching subscription programme.
Save 20% on Nicorette products*

How It Works?

Choose your subscription package & Save 20%*

Evidence has shown that you are more likely to quit for good by using 2 NRT products in combination, compared to using just one alone.

Because of this your subscription will include 2 products, NICORETTE Invisipatch + your choice of flexible format, which work together like a team. Your monthly supply of products will arrive at your door every 28 days.

For all day craving relief

Nicorette Invisi Patch

For sudden breakthrough cravings

Nicorette QuickMist Mouthspray


Nicorette Icy White Gum


Nicorette Cools Lozenge

Personalised Coaching Support

Choose to upgrade your subscription to receive 3 months of one to one, over the phone, personalised coaching from a stop smoking advisor.

If you add coaching to your product purchase, you will receive a confirmation email that will provide all the details you need to set up your first coaching session with a Solutions 4 Health quit coach.