Emily, 26, London

My motivation: Started my own business

Previous Smoking Habit: 3 cigarettes a day

What was my smoking habit?:

I started at school because it was cool. Now I mainly smoke socially averaging 3 cigarettes a day.

My reason to quit smoking:

I’ve started my own business, a tea room, and I want to stop smoking so I don’t smell like cigarettes in front of customers.

How I quit smoking:

  • My Quit Plan
  • NICORETTE® QuickMist Mouthspray
  • NICORETTE® Icy White Gum

My top tips to quit smoking:

  • Being the designated driver reduces my social smoking
  • The NICORETTE® Chatbot helped me distract myself
  • Getting support from family has really helped make it easier.

Benefits of quitting smoking:

  • Have extra cash to treat myself
  • Don’t smell of smoke

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