Lisa, 45

My motivation: Smoking made my day more stressful

Previous Smoking Habit: 10-15 cigarettes a day

“I’m more of an active mum, rather than a mum sitting on the side having a cigarette.”

What was my smoking habit:

First thing in the morning, I’d go out into the backyard to have a cigarette.

I’d rush off after the bell goes for break and have a cigarette.

Then I'd have a cigarette on the way home from work after a stressful day.

My reason to quit smoking:

It impacted on my day in that I just felt like I didn’t have enough time, I was so rushed because I had to make time for that. 

It didn’t de-stress me, it just added to my stress.

Benefits of quitting smoking:

I’m more of an active mum, rather than a mum sitting on the side having a cigarette

I’ve replaced that horrible habit that dominated so much of my life with new healthier things that are not only fun to do with the family, but will also prolong my life.

My top tips to quit smoking:

I needed to say to people, right I am giving up, I’m serious about doing it this time.

If I did pick one up they’d be (Lisa’s kids) “Mum no, put it down, put it down”.

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