Paul, 39, Norfolk

My motivation: My children

Previous Smoking Habit: 7-10 cigarettes a day

"It has been a challenge but my health is better, I have saved money and I have so much energy."

What was my smoking habit?:

I smoked up to 10 cigarettes a day. I have tried to quit a few times before and it just hasn't worked.

My reason to quit smoking:

When I was turning 40 it really stood out to me that I wanted to quit. However my main reason to quit is for my children.

Benefits of quitting smoking:

The money you save

I have so much more energy

My top tips to quit smoking:

Distract yourself! I’m reading, playing with the kids and playing computer games.

Peel fruit - it is a distraction for your hands and it’s healthy

How I Quit Smoking? NICORETTE® QuickMist Mouthspray, My Quit plan and the Nicorette Chatbot on Facebook

NICORETTE® QuickMist is used to relieve and/or prevent withdrawal symptoms and reduce the cravings you get when you try to stop smoking or when cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke.