Setting up a Support Network

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. In fact, it’s probably one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. There will be times when you will need a little moral support to help you in a moment of weakness. Here are some suggestions for setting up your support network.

Looking for a Quitting Buddy?

Speak to a friend or work colleague who smokes and see if they want to take up the challenge with you! A quit buddy is more likely to understand what you’re going through than your non-smoking partner or friends. Your buddy will be going through the same emotions, cravings, and difficulties so you’ll have support when you need it.

Join a Local Group

Ask at your local pharmacy or GP practice to see if there are any quit-smoking groups that you could join, or search online for a group in your area.

Research a Quit Helpline

Look online to see if there’s a quit smoking helpline you can phone for expert support and advice.

Start a Blog

Why not start a blog about your quit journey? Regular posts about how you’re progressing will be a great way of sharing your ups and downs and making that commitment will be great motivation for keeping it going!

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