How it works


Everyone is different. That’s why we created NICORETTE® ACTIVESTOP®. It’s a programme to complement NICORETTE® products that features a personalised quit plan to give you practical support while you’re quitting.

We ask a few simple questions about your smoking.


Based on your answers, we create your unique profile and personalised quit plan.


Your quit plan combines your most appropriate NICORETTE®product with a tailored ACTIVESTOP® programme to help you stop smoking for good.

What it is

Create your profile and personal quit plan with NICORETTE®

NICORETTE® listens to who you are as a smoker, then creates a personalised quit plan

This plan combines NICORETTE® products with tailored support from the NICORETTE® ACTIVESTOP® programme to help you stop smoking. Your personalised quit plan suggests the appropriate NICORETTE® product to satisfy your nicotine cravings, to work alongside your NICORETTE® ACTIVESTOP® programme.

What you get

By creating your profile you will get:

  • A personalised quit plan based on your smoking behaviour.
  • A unique NICORETTE® ACTIVESTOP® programme with daily help and advice by email.
  • A tailored online progress report and quitting diary.
  • Practical support for any worries or setbacks
  • A suggestion of the most appropriate NICORETTE® product for you.

An effective way to help you give up forever

Using NICORETTE® products and your personalised quit plan with NICORETTE® ACTIVESTOP® support, you’re twice as likely to stop smoking than if you relied on willpower alone.

Ready to stop

How do you know you’re ready to stop smoking?

Take a look at these three statements.

  • I know why I want to quit.
  • I want to set a date to quit.
  • I want to stop smoking for good.

If you feel positive about each of these statements, we believe you’re ready to start stopping.