Nicorette’s Sustainability Mission

Helping quitters break free from tobacco and nicotine to create a world where Nicorette® is not needed, whilst considering the environment.


Carbon neutral

Carbon neutral

Made at a plant that uses carbon neutral energy sources in Helsingborg, Sweden*

Our plant in Helsingborg, Sweden is the first of Kenvue’s facility to achieve CarbonNeutral® building certification in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol ( – the leading global framework for carbon neutrality. This certification was first achieved in 2020 and renewed annually since then. To achieve CarbonNeutral® certification, Kenvue had an assessment of greenhouse gas emissions produced throughout the manufacturing, warehouse, and research & development facilities. We are reducing our emissions as much as possible by improving our energy efficiency, as well as sourcing energy from sustainable and certified sources such as district heating and biogas. To meet our CarbonNeutral® goal, we then offset the remaining 5,012 tons CO2e by delivering finance to emission reduction projects supporting the transition to a low carbon global economy.

Carbon emissions reduced

Carbon emissions reduced from 5,012 tons per year to zero - equivalent to taking 1,000 cars off the road†

Using excess heat

Using excess heat from other manufacturing sites in the area to heat the plant

Reducing natural gas

Reducing natural gas consumption by using biogas

Reducing food waste

Reducing food waste by selling leftover food from the restaurant to employees

Hybrid or electric cars

Hybrid or electric cars transport materials on site

Locked and secure bicycle parking

Locked and secure bicycle parking lots with green roofs absorb CO2

†A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. This assumes the average gasoline vehicle on the road today has a fuel economy of about 22.0 miles per gallon and drives around 11,500 miles per year. Every gallon of gasoline burned creates about 8,887 grams of CO2

* Manufactures all formats except Nicorette® Invisipatch™.


Forest stewardship council ceritified

Nicorette is committed to safeguarding the environment by developing more sustainable products and packaging. That’s why all Nicorette® consumer cardboard cartons** are from sustainably managed and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests.

This is seen as the gold standard for timber certification, with standards developed by a broad range of stakeholders, including environmental and human rights activists and forest products representatives. To date, FSC takes care of over 191 million hectares of land.

Healthy forests contribute to climate stabilisation, rich biodiversity and human health – and we’re proud to support their protection.

**except Nicorette Invisipatch which is due to implement FSC cardboard in 2023

For more formation on FSC please click here

Sustainable sourcing

Sustainable sourcing

All Nicorette consumer cardboard cartons are sourced from certified sustainable forests


Post-Consumer Recycled material (plastic)

Post-Consumer Recycled material generally refers to plastics such as PET, PP and HDPE which are widely recycled and then reprocessed into new packaging. In simple terms, it is packaging that is being given a second life.

Using PCR material helps the environment because virgin plastics (plastics that have been newly created) are generally processed from fossil fuels. This means reprocessing them has positive benefits to the environment.
Our team is working on implementing PCR material in our products in the near future.


Polyvinyl chloride is the world's fifth-most widely produced synthetic polymer of plastic.
Our team is currently working to remove PVC plastic on our products in the near future.

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