How to Quit Smoking at Your Own Pace

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Stopping smoking can be a challenging experience, and everybody’s quitting journey is individual. So whether you decide to quit abruptly, or reduce gradually, it’s important to pick the approach to quitting that will work best for you.

Want to quit smoking gradually?

Things to Consider About Quitting Gradually

If you're thinking about quitting smoking gradually, you may want to think about these things:

  • Reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke is a positive step towards quitting smoking.
  • As you are still smoking cigarettes, you may find it harder to quit smoking completely in the long run.
  • You continue to damage your health and spend money on smoking until you quit for good.
  • When you quit gradually, you gain the flexibility to reduce your habit bit by bit.

How reduce quit works

Reduce to Quit is when you gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke while managing your nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms with a NICORETTE® Gum or NICORETTE® Lozenge (NICORETTE ® FRUIT Lozenge or NICORETTE ® COOLS Lozenge) until you’re ready to quit for good.

Why don't you aim to give up smoking completely in six months? However, each quit journey is unique so set a goal that achievable to you.

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Want to quit smoking abruptly?

The health benefits of being smoke-free start from day 1. There are many great benefits you can feel when you quit smoking abruptly like your sense of taste may improve after just 2 days and after 3, you’ll likely have more energy. However, stopping abruptly will test your willpower to the max…that’s why we are here to help!

Find Useful Tips to Help You Conquer Cigarette Cravings

Quitting smoking is tough and it’s perfectly normal that you’ll feel irritable and frustrated whilst you quit, especially at the start. Don’t worry – Nicorette product(s) can help you manage these withdrawal symptoms so those feelings may soon lessen.

As well as managing your cravings and withdrawal symptoms with a Nicorette product, learn about what may trigger your cravings so you can avoid them or be prepared for when they strike. Discover How to Help Conquer Cravings

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