Professional Stop Smoking Support

Some quitters find that their journey is made easier with the support of trained professionals. In fact, according to NHS guidelines, smokers who use a combination of stop smoking medicine and expert support are three times more likely to quit than those who use willpower alone. So if you’re unsure about how to quit, check out the options below to find the right strategy for you.

Stop smoking services

Doctor sitting at a desk with a clipboard

The NHS operates local Stop Smoking Services that provide free one-to-one support, as well as stop smoking medicines. Developed and delivered by healthcare professionals, these services provide expert advice, support, and encouragement throughout every stage of your quit journey. Stop Smoking Services are located all over the country.

Your GP

GPs are another excellent source of advice and guidance for people who want to stop smoking. Your doctor can advise you on appropriate treatments, and enroll you in a stop smoking clinic.

Your local pharmacist

Pharmacists can also have an important role in help smokers to stop. Ideally placed to provide advice, pharmacists can offer guidance materials and explain stop smoking medications.

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