Nicorette Gum

What are the possible side effects of Nicorette® Gum?

Please read the Patient information leaflet in the Ingredients and Usage section for information on possible side effects.

How often can you chew a piece of Nicorette® Gum?

You should only chew one piece of Nicorette® Gum at a time and not use more than 15 pieces of gum per day. How frequently you use Nicorette® Gum will depend on the number of cigarettes you smoked per day and how strong they were.

Can you smoke while using Nicorette® Gum?

You can replace some cigarettes with Nicorette® Gum to help cut down the number you smoke each day, before you try to quit smoking completely.

Does Nicorette® Gum stain your teeth?

The tar and nicotine in cigarettes can stain your teeth, turning them yellow over a short period of time and brown if you smoke for many years. Nicorette® Gum doesn't contain the tar that can cause teeth staining, while Nicorette® Icy White Gum is specially formulated to fight cravings while whitening teeth.

How long does it take for Nicorette® Gum to kick in?

Nicorette® Gum acts fast to help you deal with cravings. Chew it slowly until the taste becomes strong, before resting and repeating for up to half an hour. Nicorette® Gum 4mg relieves cravings for up to nearly three hours.

Can Nicorette® Gum cause stomach problems?

If you chew Nicorette® Gum continuously, rather than following the Nicorette chewing technique, it can release nicotine too quickly and you may swallow it. This might lead to an upset stomach, hiccups or an irritated throat. If stomach problems persist, you should stop using Nicorette® Gum and contact a doctor immediately.


green piggy bankSave up to £1,800 per year with Nicorette Gum 210 pack*
  • Fast craving relief
  • Actively fights cravings to help you quit
  • A fresh-tasting way to stop smoking

Flavours available

Nicorette Gum
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green piggy bankSave up to £1,800 per year with Nicorette Gum 210 pack*
  • Fast craving relief
  • Actively fights cravings to help you quit
  • A fresh-tasting way to stop smoking

Flavours available

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How much can I save from stopping smoking?

Try our handy quitting smoking calculator to find out the financial cost of smoking for you, and learn how quitting smoking can help save you money.

Calculate how much you can save per year once you quit smoking

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How much do you pay for a pack of cigarettes?

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How many cigarettes do you smoke per day on average?

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This calculator does not include the cost of Nicorette.

NICORETTE Gum How it works

How Nicorette® Gum works

When you stop smoking, you may experience withdrawal symptoms and cravings. When you chew Nicorette® Gum it releases nicotine, which passes through the lining of your mouth and into your body, working to relieve these withdrawal symptoms.

Cravings may strike as your body adjusts to not getting its regular dose of nicotine. The amount of nicotine contained in Nicorette® Gum helps stop the craving to smoke. 

Choose from two strengths of Nicorette® chewing gum:

2mg Nicorette® Gum – For those who smoke 20 or fewer cigarettes per day. It can also help you reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke and increase your smoke-free intervals.

4mg Nicorette® Gum – For those who smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day, to help meet withdrawals of high serum nicotine levels as a result of heavy smoking.

Chew a piece of Nicorette® Gum whenever you feel an urge to smoke – no more than 15 pieces per day. This should satisfy your craving. After 30 minutes the gum will be exhausted as all the nicotine has been absorbed by your body.

How to use Nicorette® Gum

Nicorette Gum is a medicine so you use (or chew) it differently to ordinary chewing gum. When you chew Nicorette® Gum it releases nicotine, so it’s important not to chew continuously.

This could release the nicotine too quickly and lead to it being swallowed1. This may then result in you experiencing side effects such as an irritated throat, upset stomach or hiccups.

Understand how to use Nicorette gum effectively by following the Nicorette® Gum chewing technique:

Chew one piece of Nicorette Gum until the taste becomes strong. 

Rest the piece of nicotine gum between your gum and cheek and wait for the taste to fade. 

When the taste has faded, start to chew the gum again. 

Repeat the process for up to half an hour, at which point the gum should lose its strength. 

Dispose of the nicotine gum carefully

Consciously crafted


wall-clock.svg Fast craving relief
thor-hammer.svg Actively helps fight cravings
winter.svg Fresh-tasting way to stop smoking



sustainable-sourcing Sustainable sourcing*

All Nicorette consumer cartons are sourced from certified sustainable forests

* Manufactures all formats except Nicorette® Invisipatch™.

*vs cigarettes. Based on smoking 10 cigarettes per day, average price of 20 king size cigarettes (£13.41), maximum daily dose of gum (15 gums) and the average price of Nicorette Icy White 2mg Gum (GB data). Pricing at retailer discretion. For verification: 0808 238 9999. Nicorette Icy White 2mg Gum contains nicotine. Stop smoking aid. Requires willpower. Always read the label.

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Nicorette Dual Support

Combination support for complete craving control.
Using a long-acting Nicotine Replacement Therapy patch (NRT) with a
short-acting NRT flexible format can help you more effectively than
using just one.

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