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Why My Quit Plan?

By having a plan in place we know you are less likely to face challenges during your quit.
That's why we have created My Quit Plan. To help you match your smoking habits with different quitting strategies that can work for you.
Before you get started, find the right product(s) or you by clicking here

The benefits of My Quit Plan … 

Use these diaries to create your own personalised quit plan.
Download the plans by clicking here
See more information on the steps of My Quit Plan at the bottom of this page.

Distract yourself with quizzes and tips when quitting is getting tough on the Nicorette® Chatbot. Click Here

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The truth about nicotine replacement therapy.

Why Use Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

One puff of a cigarette sends a concentrated dose of nicotine to the brain, contributing to the addictive nature of smoking. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) however, delivers nicotine to the brain much slower than cigarettes making NRT less addictive.

NRT can help you to gradually reduce your nicotine intake, whilst helping to reduce the frequency and severity of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Also, by using NRT you avoid exposure to the harmful chemicals produced by smoking.

There are lots of myths surrounding quitting smoking and many people believe that that nicotine replacement therapy is as harmful and addictive as smoking. We are here to clear up these myths and to give you the real facts about quitting smoking ... 

How My Quit Plan works ...

To let you know how My Quit Plan can help you on your quitting journey we’ve put together an easy to follow step-by-step guide to help support you on your way

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Step 1 - Choose the right product for you

To set you off in the right direction, use our NICORETTE® product selector to match the NICORETTE® product(s) which suit your current needs, to help make this quit attempt a success.

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Step 2 - Pick a date for starting your quit journey

Success often comes with preparation. Pick a start date that allows you enough time to keep a pre-quit-smoking diary for one week.

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Step 3 - Keep a pre-quit-smoking diary

Keeping a smoking diary for a week is a good way to prepare yourself for quitting. Count how many cigarettes you smoke, when you smoke, what you do while smoking, and how much you felt you needed or enjoyed that particular cigarette. Becoming more aware of your smoking habit gives you more control of your behaviour and can make it easier to change it.

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Step 4 - Review your diary and take advice

Review your smoking diary and look for patterns. For instance, do you smoke more in the morning or at night? Look at the success stories of quitters similar to you, learn more about what strategies they put in place to go all the way towards smoke-free living.

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Step 5 - Create your own quit plan

Using your pre-quit smoking diary, you should feel more confident knowing when cravings are likely to strike once you quit smoking so you can change your smoking routine. Set up your quit plan and swap your cigarettes and craving urges for your chosen Nicorette® product. Identify how much you are likely to need to buy each week to ensure you’re prepared when cravings strike*. Keep your quit plan where others can see it and encourage you. *ensure you check maximum dosage for your chosen Nicorette® product

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Step 6 - Don’t miss your 4-week check up

As cravings will decrease over time and your body adjusts to constantly decreasing levels of nicotine, it is important to step back, assess and adjust your quit plan every four weeks. Reflect on your journey so far and be proud of the progress you have made!

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How much money could you save by quitting smoking?

Smoking is expensive so the savings once you have quit could be significant. With our budget calculator it’s easy to find out how much money you could save.

Use these quitter success stories to motivate you on your quitting journey.
Think of them as tools to help you do something incredible – stop smoking for good.