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Over 1,000 people in the UK quit every day*. With the right tools and support, you can join them

Nicorette Facebook Quit Community

Join the Quitters is a closed Facebook group in which members can offer their support to others, and share advice and stories from their quit journeys. Run by Nicorette, the group is open to anyone who is attempting to take the incredible step of becoming smoke-free.

Join the Quitters is a welcoming and supportive network that can serve as an invaluable resource for anyone attempting to stop smoking. The stories, advice, and tips shared in the group are for the benefit of all quitters. No matter how you plan to stop smoking for good.

Explore success stories from some of our Quitters


“Now that I’m the Quitter of the group, it does give me a sense of pride knowing that I can be someone else’s inspiration.”


“I really think that my mental health has benefited by me quitting smoking, because it makes you think about your emotions without falling on a crutch.”


“My work is about self-development and looking after yourself. I wanted to stay true to what I was preaching.”


“I’m more of an active mum, rather than a mum sitting on the side having a cigaratte.”


Giving up smoking is and always will be the hardest thing for me, and really the last 12 months things have gone through the roof.”

*Based on data from Office of National Statistics and Smoking in England published Oct 2020.

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