Everything You Need to Know About the Nicorette Inhalator

Everything You Need to Know About the Nicorette Inhalator

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is stop smoking medication that works by releasing small amounts of nicotine into the bloodstream, helping to ease cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

While NRT may most commonly be associated with patches and gum, it also comes in a range of different forms.  One of these is Nicorette’s Inhalator – a format that helps to break both the physical habits of smoking such as putting a cigarette from your hand to your mouth, and also the more addiction based, including helping to control what often can be quite intense cravings.

Here’s everything you need to know about the NRT tool that keeps your hands busy and your cravings in check.

What is a NICORETTE® Inhalator?

The NICORETTE® Inhalator is a form of NRT, designed to combat the withdrawal symptoms that can come with quitting smoking. Discreet, and held just like a cigarette, it helps to satisfy cravings while replicating the hand-to-mouth action of smoking a cigarette.

Like other forms of NRT, the Inhalator is for quitters who are either looking to either cut down the number of cigarettes they smoke, or instead stop smoking completely. Whether you choose to quit gradually or abruptly is entirely up to you, but the Inhalator can be useful in both instances. By releasing nicotine into the body, the Inhalator provides you with just enough nicotine to ease withdrawal symptoms, while stopping short of giving you the “buzz” you get from smoking a regular cigarette.

How to use an Inhalator

When using the Inhalator, you can take deep breaths or shallow puffs, depending on what works best for you. Either way, your body will receive the required amount of nicotine to ease cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Similarly, the number of puffs you take is entirely up to you, as is the length of each puff.

When you take a puff on an Inhalator, the nicotine in the cartridge vaporises, before being absorbed through your mouth – rather than through your airways down to the lungs.

Each Inhalator cartridge will provide you with around 40 minutes of intense use. The number of cartridges you use each day will depend on how much you smoke, but it’s important that you use no more than six cartridges each day.

How effective is an Inhalator?

Nicorette® Inhalator is a clinically proven stop-smoking NRT format. In fact, when compared with willpower alone, NRT has been shown to double your chances of quitting for good. And tools like the Inhalator don’t just ease cravings – they can also help increase your motivation to quit.

Is the Inhalator safe?

The benefits of quitting with tools like the Inhalator clearly outweigh any potential risks associated with using NRT. It’s the toxins in cigarettes – not the nicotine – that cause smoking-related diseases and death. What’s more, using NRT to quit smoking doesn’t mean you’re trading one addiction for another. The likelihood of long-term dependence on a tool like the Inhalator is low .

However, while the Inhalator is safer than smoking tobacco, you should talk to your doctor if you’re unsure whether it’s right for you. It’s especially important to speak to a medical professional if you’re pregnant or taking other medicines.

Where can the Inhalator be used?

Another advantage of the Inhalator is that it can be used in a number of places where smoking and vaping are prohibited. This makes it a useful tool for smokers seeking an alternative to cigarettes on occasions where it’s inappropriate to smoke.

The convenience and discreetness of the Inhalator can also help quitters stop smoking without disrupting their daily routine. Since it’s held just like a cigarette, the Inhalator can be used on “smoke breaks” with colleagues, or when socialising with smokers. To see how the Inhalator can help you quit without changing your routine, see Sarah’s story here.

Can the Inhalator be used on planes?

Perhaps surprisingly, Inhalators can be used on planes, as well as on a wide range of public transport. However, before using the Inhalator on a plane, it’s best to check in with a flight attendant, and explain how the Inhalator works, if necessary.

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