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Discover the technology behind SmartTrack

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Introducing Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™

Many people try to quit smoking with willpower alone . But by using NRT you are more likely to quit versus willpower alone.

Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ has been developed with behavioural scientists to help you on your quit journey when willpower alone just isn’t enough.

The world’s 1st Connected* Stop Smoking Spray, Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack combines the proven success of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) mouthspray with a behavioural support app to keep you incentivised on your journey to giving up smoking.

Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ connects wirelessly to the app with a simple tap on your smartphone, enabling you to easily track your progress against a tailored quit plan.

With Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ 2.5x more likely to quit smoking for good**

With Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ and our stop smoking app you can:

  • Track your progress with the Nicorette® Stop Smoking app

  • Easily connect to your phone wirelessly with a simple tap

  • Follow a 4-stage personalised quit plan

  • Read stop smoking tips to keep you motivated

  • Celebrate your streaks of smoke-free days

  • See the money you’re saving by not buying cigarettes

Read on for everything you need to know about the technology that makes Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ possible.

Discover the technology behind Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™

Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ is the 1st stop smoking product connected to a behavioural support app – designed to improve your chances of quitting*. Sophisticated technology and behavioural science combine with Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to help you follow a quit journey that’s personal to you.

Smartphones are now a huge part of everyday life. It’s estimated that people in the UK check their phones every 12 minutes . Much of this activity is related to apps, which we use to shop, bank and so much more.

We wanted to harness this technology to help you quit smoking. Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ combines our NRT mouthspray with a behavioural support app – the Nicorette® Stop Smoking app for iOS and Android . The app and your Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ device connect wirelessly through Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

While the spray starts to relieve cravings in 30 seconds, the app helps you to make changes your behaviour on the road to quitting.

At Nicorette, we’ve spent decades creating products for smokers to help them quit. We took on board feedback from our group of smokers during development to ensure that it meets the needs of those who want to stop smoking for good.

Many smokers try to quit with willpower alone. But public health experts say this is the ‘least effective method’ for quitting smoking . With Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™, and evidence based behavioural support in the app, you can increase your likelihood of quitting versus willpower alone.

We developed the Nicorette Stop Smoking App with behavioural scientists, using evidence-based behaviour change techniques (BCTs) to create an evidence-based quit support programme and increase your likelihood of quitting. Through using Nicorette QuickMist SmartTrack you are are 2.5x more likely to quit compared to willpower alone.

What is behaviour change?

Behaviour is significant when it comes to health and lifestyle changes such as smoking. Behaviour change is all about identifying and changing behaviours to have a positive impact, such as quitting smoking . Changing your behaviour with willpower alone can be difficult.

What is a behaviour change technique?

Behaviour change techniques are developed by behavioural scientists to help you stick to your goals, even when your willpower is wavering. Behaviour change techniques include the following:

  • Goal Setting: This means firstly setting the overall objective you want to achieve – in this case, to quit smoking. Second, it’s setting out how you will get there. This involves breaking your main goal down into a series of smaller goals. The Nicorette® Stop Smoking app does exactly this, breaking down your quit journey into 4 stages.

  • Self-monitoring: This involves recording your progress each day against your goals. Self-monitoring behaviour change techniques are used in many apps and provide an incentive by helping you tick off your progress . In the Nicorette® Stop Smoking app, you can record smoke-free days and see the money saved from not buying cigarettes.

The Nicorette® Stop Smoking app is packed with behavioural techniques to help you quit smoking. It breaks down your quit journey into 4 stages, with different goals and support tips to help you:

  1. Commit to your quit journey

  1. Smoke fewer cigarettes

  1. CGo 28 days smoke-free

  1. Stay smoke-free long term

There’s a handy dashboard in our quit smoking app where you can see your progress at a glance – from how many days you’ve gone smoke-free to where you are with your current goals. Learn more about setting and tracking goals with Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™.

The motivation and encouragement provided through behavioural support is made possible by Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ connectivity to the Nicorette® Stop Smoking app. Every time you tap the cannister against your smartphone, the app updates to track the latest spray from your quit journey.

The tap and track process to update your quit journey works through Near Field Communication technology, better known as NFC. It’s widely used as a mobile payment technology. When you pay with a tap of your bank card or via Apple Pay with your smartphone, NFC makes it possible.

NFC enables two devices to share data when held close to each other (a maximum of a few centimetres away) . Both devices must have an NFC chip – in this case that’s your smartphone and your Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ device.

Your Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ is fitted with a NFC chip. When the back of the device is held close to the back of your Apple or Android smartphone, the last spray is recorded in the Nicorette® Stop Smoking app. You simply tap and track, as each tap logs and tracks your usage.

Start your journey to quitting with NICORETTE® QuickMist SmartTrack™

Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ is the 1st stop smoking spray connected to a behavioural support app – designed to improve your chances of quitting*.

Stay motivated and incentivised by combining NRT with our behavioural support app that tracks your progress with a simple tap.

It allows you to set your overall goal and break it down into smaller ones. Stay incentivised by tracking your smoke-free day streaks and seeing how much you’re saving by not buying cigarettes. Work though the 4 stages of your personalised plan and stay on track with support and incentives to help you achieve your goal.

Buy Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack™ here and start your stop smoking journey today.

Nicorette® QuickMist SmartTrack Mouthspray contains nicotine. Stop smoking aid. Requires willpower. Always read the label.

*Vs Nicotine replacement therapy alone

** Vs willpower alone