Success story: Tim, 47

My motivation
Healthier lifestyle

Previous smoking habit
Around 30 cigarettes a day

Tim's Quit Smoking Story

“Giving up smoking is and always will be the hardest thing for me. To have people around you that you respect, to guide you in your life is of huge value.”

What was my smoking habit
I used to take my dads ash tray into work. I was probably the furthest away from a full time athlete.

My reason to quit smoking
I was born with a disability called talipes that means that my feet were back to front. By the time I was 14 I'd had about 30 operations. Since I was approached by my old canoe instructor at the age of 41, I have been training to become a Paralympic para-canoeist.

Benefits of quitting smoking
Since I have quit smoking I have also felt more confident, like I have had more energy and am sleeping so much better.

My top tips to quit smoking
I find it very difficult still first thing in the morning, I find it difficult when I'm on the telephone. You know that you want to make a change but you can't find the self-motivation. The chance to have people around you that you respect and that you trust to guide you in your life is of huge value.

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