• Getting Ready to Stop Smoking

    So you're thinking about stopping smoking? Great! Making the decision to quit is the first step in you incredible journey. Why not explore the sections below to give yourself more information about what you can expect from quitting and how to go about reducing the amount you smoke to eventually stop for good with the help of NICORETTE®

    What to Expect

    Get prepared to stop smoking by understanding what withdrawal symptoms you may experience.

    Stop Smoking Tips

    Learn about budgeting and discover some top tips for quitting successfully.

    Reduce to Quit

    Follow our four clear steps to cutting down - making it easier for you to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke

    Dual Support

    Thinking of quitting abruptly? Take control and maximize your chance of quitting smoking for good with NICORETTE® Dual Support. Use two NICORETTE® products to quit rather than just one. Find out more