• NICORETTE® Inhalator

    Keep your hands busy with NICORETTE® Inhalator
    NICORETTE® Inhalator
    • Replaces the hand to mouth action of smoking
    • The replaceable nicotine cartridge releases nicotine into your system
    • Flexible craving relief

    Quit or reduce smoking by keeping your hands busy with NICORETTE® Inhalator

    NICORETTE® Inhalator replaces the hand-to-mouth action of a cigarette… and helps you cut down or quit. So it’s a flexible and safer alternative to smoking.

    NICORETTE® Inhalator, a clinically proven nicotine replacement aid that provides the hand-to-mouth action of a real cigarette.

    By replacing the nicotine you would normally get from cigarettes, NICORETTE® Inhalator enables you to reduce or quit in a way that mimics the act of smoking.

    So if you think you’ll miss the physical habit of the hand-to-mouth action of a cigarette then the Inhalator could be a great match for you.

    Using the Inhalator helps to keep your hands busy.

    Because you handle the NICORETTE® Inhalator just as you would a normal cigarette, your own unique habits associated with smoking are replaced as well as the actual nicotine.

    You can twirl it, tap it, pinch it – whatever you’re used to doing with a lit or unlit cigarette. As a rough guide, you can use up to six 15mg cartridges per day.

    Choose NICORETTE® Inhalator for a flexible, convenient and safer alternative to smoking.

    It can be used to help you stop smoking, reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke, or simply as a safer option when you are unwilling or unable to smoke, like when you’re at work or with children.

    It’s convenient too – use NICORETTE® Inhalator at the pub, in the office, whenever and wherever you feel a craving coming on.

    Find out how to use NICORETTE® Inhalator

    How to use NICORETTE® 15mg Inhalator


    Inhale using the inhalator, either deeply or shallow puffs. Choose the way that suits you Either way, your body will receive the amount of nicotine required to give craving relief. You may find it takes more effort than inhaling from a cigarette, but the amount of nicotine you absorb through the lining of your mouth is the same whether you take deep or shallow puffs.


    It is up to you how many inhalations (puffs) you take, how often you take them and for how long.


    Each cartridge will provide you with about 40 minutes of intense use. You can divide this time how you like. For example, you could use a cartridge for four 10 minute inhalation periods. Or you could use a cartridge for 10 minutes on waking and then for six periods of five minutes later on in the day. Once the cartridge is used up, you will need to change it.

    Product Range

    NICORETTE® Inhalator is available in the following packs:

    • Starter Pack
    • 20 x black Refills
    • 20 x white refills
    • Duo Mouthpieces


    DISCLAIMER: For full product details and dosage information, always read the label.


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