• NICORETTE® Microtab

    NICORETTE® Microtab can help you to kick your cigarette habit into touch.
    NICORETTE® Microtab
    • Nicorette Microtab Tablets
    • Works by dissolving under the tongue delivering nicotine into your body via the oral mucosa.
    • Discreet


    Help to dissolve cigarettes cravings with NICORETTE® Microtab

    A discreet and flexible solution to help you quit

    NICORETTE® Microtab can help you to kick your cigarette habit into touch.

    The Microtab works by dissolving under the tongue - a tablet form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) that delivers nicotine rapidly into your body via the mouth, in a way that stays hidden from view.

    With NICORETTE® Microtab, you can easily stay on top of your cravings without broadcasting them to the world.

    To enjoy a flexible way to deal with cravings as they occur, choose NICORETTE® Microtab.

    No matter where you are, who you’re with, or what you’re doing, the Microtab is an easy and convenient way to help relieve your withdrawal symptoms.

    You can change the dosage from one tablet every hour or two tablets if you smoke more than 20 cigarettes, depending on your cravings, helping you respond to life’s everyday challenges as they happen.

    NICORETTE® Microtab gives you control over your NRT programme.

    In the hours, days and weeks after putting out that last cigarette, nicotine cravings differ from person to person. So with NICORETTE® Microtab you can use up to 40 tablets a day because you’re the best person to decide how much nicotine your body needs to help stay clear of withdrawal symptoms, giving you the confidence you need to get used to life as a non-smoker.

    Find out how to use NICORETTE® Microtab

    How to use NICORETTE® Microtab


    Place one NICORETTE® Microtab under your tongue.


    Allow it to dissolve slowly (do not swallow, suck or chew).


    Nicotine is released into the body through the mouth lining.

    Product Range

    NICORETTE® Microtab is available in the following pack sizes:

    • 100 pack


    DISCLAIMER: For full product details and dosage information, always read the label.


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